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Location: Austria

Generation: Millenial

Art Style: Shoujo

Languages: German, English (currently learning Japanese)

Fav Anime/Manga: One Piece, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica

Fav Games: Disgaea, Pokemon


I discovered my love for drawing as a child. Initially, I drew animals, but with

the airing of Sailor Moon, I entered a phase where there was no turning back for me.


My passion for the hobby of drawing - especially manga drawing -

was truly ignited when I discovered my first manga 'Magic Knight Rayearth.'

I was absolutely fascinated by the beautiful characters with large eyes.

Now, more than 20 years later, I don't have as much time to draw as I used to,

but I have always remained faithful to my hobby and will likely continue to do so

for the rest of my life, even though I go through long periods where I don't draw.

  • rainy days

  • hot tea (green, oolong, herbal)

  • ice tea (especially 'Pfanner der Grüne')

  • pizza salami

  • taking videos and photos

  • drawing my original characters (OC)

  • animals (guinea pigs, cats, dogs, ...)

  • gaming

  • bingewatching a good series or show

  • lots of me-time

  • calisthenics

  • anime/manga

  • large crowds

  • summer

  • insects/spiders

  • rucola

  • sparkling drinks

  • Do you still make YouTube videos? And if so, when is the next one coming?
    I don't have a fixed schedule for uploading videos. I only upload when I feel like making a video. This means there can be months or even years without a video, and then suddenly several videos in a month. You can subscribe to one of my YouTube channels and hit the bell to get notified as soon as a new video is online. ^u^ My main YouTube Channel (German but some videos have English subtitles) Second YouTube channel (no videos yet because I will use it for bigger future projects - please don't expect a video too soon, but you can subscribe in advance if you want - this channel will feature English content)
  • How can I contact you?
    You can reach me through my social media channels. However, I might not respond immediately as I am not always active there.
  • Do you do art trades?
    I'm not doing art trades at the moment.
  • Do you still draw ACEOs /ATCs ('Kakao Karten') ?
    Not currently, but I still love them and might have another 'Kakao Karten' phase in the future. :)
  • What tools do you use for traditional art?
    I use a lot (and I really mean a lot ╰(▔∀▔)╯) of tools, but if I had to decide on specific ones, it would be the following: Alcohol markers: Copic Ciao & Copic Sketch Watercolor markers: Ecoline Brush Pens, Tombow Brush Pens Watercolor: Pebeo Colorex Watercolor Ink Gouache: Holbein Gouache
  • What are your favorite sketchbooks?
    I have waaay too many sketchbooks XD I'm actually quite addicted to them :) So I use a lot of different ones from various brands, including: Moleskine Sketchbook Rhodia Touch Skizzenbuch Mixed Media Boesner Aquarellbuch
  • What paper do you use for watercolor art?
    I always enjoy trying out new papers. I don't think I have a specific favorite, but the following have stood out to me and I still enjoy using them: Fabriano Artistico Acquarello Watercolour CANSON XL Mix-Media Block
  • What tools do you use for digital art?
    Software: I use Paint Tool SAI 2, Clip Studio Paint, and sometimes Procreate, though I find it less intuitive and don't use it as much. Hardware: Windows PC + Wacom Intous Pro L, Apple 13" iPad Pro (2024)
  • What paper do you use for alcohol markers (e.g., Copics)?
    I often use papers that are not marker-friendly, such as watercolor paper, which can quickly drain the markers (so don't try this unless you're prepared to refill often). However, I can recommend the following paper: Canson Illustration Manga Deleter Kent Paper BK
  • Do you sell artworks or merchandise?
    Not at the moment, but maybe sometime in the future.
  • Do you attend conventions with a booth?
    I'm not often at conventions because I don't enjoy being in large crowds. I used to have booths at various Austrian conventions occasionally, but I realized that it's not for me as I prefer to work behind the scenes. ( 〃▽〃)
  • Do you take commissions?
    No, I only draw what I feel like because that's what I enjoy the most. I have a regular 9 to 5 job, so I only draw as a hobby and I'm not financially dependent on commissions or selling artworks.
  • Do you sell fanart or fanart-related merchandise?
    No, and I never will. If I ever decide to make money from my artworks, it will only be with my own characters and original series.
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