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Seena's Rainy Days

  • Writer's pictureSeena

I really miss Twitter. I already had a bad feeling when Elon Musk took over Twitter, but I never imagined it would turn out to be this awful.

In the end, all I saw was advertisements, and it was all swamped with bots 😰.

I'm also not really warming up to Instagram. Maybe that will change someday.

Fortunately, there's Bluesky as a very good alternative 💙. Recently, you can even embed posts on websites, so I'm going to try that out right here :)

This is the finished artwork ✨

  • Writer's pictureSeena

Test Blogeintrag ohne Bilder

  • Writer's pictureSeena

Updated: Apr 26

Mein erster Blogeintrag mit neuem Design :)

Hier ein WIP zu dem Bild an dem ich gerade arbeite ^^

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