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Today, for the first time in ages, I had the entire day to draw :)

Having recently purchased a new watercolor sketchbook, I was eager to add some sketches to it.

These are the results of my drawing session.I'm still in the process of creating OCs that are intended to be the rivals of my original Magical Girls from my story 'Magical Girl Maker'. Here are a few attempts. I'm not sure if I'll continue with these design concepts, but I do like them.

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I can't wait for summer to finally be over. I hate summertime... I really miss cooler temperatures, a cozy atmosphere, and a reduction in the social expectation to always be outside doing something.

I'm writing this entry towards the end of September, and there's still no sign of fall – looking at the weather.

In a spare moment recently, right after a much-needed midday nap (I'm getting old XD), I rushed out to quickly buy a new watercolor sketchbook. Here's the first little sketchbook drawing:

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This is attempt number 10,000 at running an art blog. So... hi :D

I really wish there was a social media app/website that works like a homepage, where I can customize my own page, with a gallery feature and a chronological feed, and that's also frequented by my favorite artists. Right now, nothing really matches what I'm looking for.. Instagram is where most action happens, but I don't enjoy posting there as much as I do on, say, Twitter (or now X... <__ but="" on="" twitter="" i="" miss="" a="" gallery="" or="" folder="" feature.="">

Lately, I've been into drawing a lot again. I don't have loads of time to create detailed illustrations one after another. So, I doodle a lot in my sketchbooks, which is easier and takes less time.

The sketch here shows Mocca, an original character (OC) of mine that I initially wanted to discard, but I've come to really like her, so I'm giving her another shot ^^."

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