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Bye Bye Blogger/Blogspot

Updated: Jun 15

I remember back in the day, many years ago, there were quite a few art blogs. Many artists even had their own websites. It seems like this has faded away with the rise of social media, which I totally understand. I stopped maintaining an art blog too – even though I tried to get back into it several times, it never lasted long. I needed something new, but there weren’t any real alternatives for me.

My very first blog was on Blogger/Blogspot. Then I tried Tumblr and another platform whose name I’ve forgotten (I think it was Live Journal?). In the end, I kept coming back to Blogger because it felt like I had the most freedom for the things that mattered to me. Like many providers (including my last website provider IONOS), I feel like not much has changed over the years. It’s like after 10 or 20 years, they still have the same features as back then. As times change (and so do we), we might want something new – and I did too.

So, I eventually rebuilt my old website with WIX as my new provider, mainly because it also has a decent blog feature. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with WIX forever or if I’ll look for something new in a few years (if this provider doesn’t evolve or if the subscription no longer fits my price/performance expectations).

I'm really excited about a new era where I can document my thoughts and creative process, all accessible in one place on my website ^____^

Welcome to my blog, Seena's Rainy Days <3


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