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Future plans

I'm so excited that the layout of my new website is finally complete. The blog was especially important to me :) I'm very motivated to write blog posts more regularly than before. I'm generally a journal girl, and an art blog is just the perfect way to combine my favorite hobby, drawing, with an activity I also love: journaling.

I have a lot of plans. The first step was launching my new website. One important section is still missing: the Original Series/Characters section. This will follow in due course, but it might take some time as I need to dedicate some time to it.

I'd also love to get back to making YouTube videos (maybe in the fall or winter?). One video idea I have is about "Capacities." It's a tool/application I discovered for myself a year ago. I use Capacities to store my drawings (like a cloud service), but you can do so much more with it, and I'd love to make a YouTube video about it in the future. For example, in Capacities, I have a dedicated "page" for each of my characters. If you're curious, check out Capacities. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to bring order to their digital life :)

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